Dutch multi-hyphenate Dorith Mous was seemingly born into her art – gaining beautiful knowledge of physical form and being able to capture depth from a subject through her own nomadic experience as a fashion model for over nearly two decades.


Having moved fluidly from a storied career in front of the lens to one behind it, as a photographer and filmmaker, Dorith elicits an artful finesse of the soul from the body – one in which her subjects both exude and challenge archetypes of beauty.  Shooting mainly black-and-white film, she tries to capture that obscurity in the gap between who someone is seen as and who someone is beneath the surface.


With her successful debut exhibition in New York City, entitled IamYOU, and her current project Together-Alone, Dorith continues to create awareness by means of this same harrowing honesty that permeates through her portraiture of subjects.

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